Making the obvious more obvious with funny Jiu-Jitsu memes

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The word ‘meme’ was derived from the Greek word ‘mimema’ which means ‘to imitate’ as defined by Richard Dawkins regarding evolution. Taken into the world of the internet, it simply means a viral idea and today, the most common revolve around humor.

For training Jiu-Jitsu, humor is important. From the start you are put in situations that if taken out of context can be rather awkward or not make sense– that’s where a good laugh comes in. The benefits of training combine physical, social, emotional, mental rewards but in a light-hearted sense, it’s just fun. Training, competing, spending time with training partners, it’s driven by positivity.

So we bring you some of the best Jiu-Jitsu memes that will make you laugh, nod in agreement, and most likely share with your friends. Some are very real occasions that you can’t help but laugh about, some are epiphanies that you most likely haven’t thought about until now but most of all, you can relate. You’re welcome:

When those in the crowd are looking out for you:

When the only time you can afford to rest is during a roll:

Because world champion Angelica Galvao doesn’t mess around:

Anger management for girls:

It takes magical powers to hold off Lucas Lepri:

We all know where Jiu-Jitsu sits in our priorities:

Some get it, some don’t:

Even kids know Jiu-Jitsu is good for them:

What happens when white belts learn from YouTube:

Yes, learning to break grips is important:

Kimura anyone?

It’s the little things:

No excuses:

Which is why we need to get them to stick to their guns and get on the mat:

What are some of your favorite Jiu-Jitsu memes? Let us know.

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