Learn what a Gracie Diet Xmas Recipe Looks Like

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Marco Imperial em mesa rica em alimentos da Dieta Gracie: o Jiu-Jitsu começa pela boca. Foto por Gustavo Aragão.

Imperial at his table, covered with Gracie Diet foods: Jiu-Jitsu begins at the mouth. (Photo by Gustavo Aragão/GRACIEMAG)

With each new GRACIEMAG issue, at better bookstores the world over, come interviews, techniques (TRAINING PROGRAM section), the history of the sport (ANTHOLOGY) and, of course, pointers on the Gracie Diet.

One year back, we printed an interview with Marco Gracie Imperial, who shared with us a preciosity from his family’s menu: a Christmas recipe that follows the guidelines established by Grandmaster Carlos, who researched and popularized the diet.

In Marco’s own words:

“Last Christmas I made chestnut soup with olive oil, whole grain rice with rosemary, a pie whose breading was made from rice flour—and the filling from string beans and creamy white cheese.”

Did that get your mouth watering? There’s more:

“The juice was carrot juice—one glass per person. Here at home the kids still eat turkey breast and fish. I’m more radical; I’ll only eat egg, fish or frog twice a week, which goes for white cheese, too. On Christmas, all I had was the chestnut soup. Under the Gracie Diet, you don’t eat for eating’s sake, to get stuffed; you eat only what you need. You eat because it’s what your body is calling for and to feel well afterwards, not just to scarf down something tasty, fleeting, and that does you no good,” teaches Imperial in the interview.

Did you like that? Don’t want to miss any other pointers on how to get healthy and be all the more formidable at Jiu-Jitsu training?


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