Learn and Simple and Effective Sweep from our GMA Fabio Holanda

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Fabio Holanda raises the victors hand in Abu Dhabi. Personal archive photo.

Professor Fabio Holanda is one of the many black belts helping to spread the ways of Jiu-Jitsu around the world with the help of our GMA association. At the helm of Montreal-based BTT Canada, he uses as a teaching tool and distributes copies of GRACIEMAG magazine to his students.

Besides his work in instruction, Fabio promotes a series of tryout events for the Abu Dhabi WPJJC, like the ones in Montreal, Canada, and Natal and Manaus, Brazil. But today he’s back to teaching, with the following simple yet effective sweep to enrich GRACIEMAG.com readers’ arsenals.

Note how he gains control over one arm and the opposing leg at the knee. Next he opens guard and crashes a leg against the opponent’s armpit to put him off balance and complete the sweep.

How’d you like that one?

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