Leandro Lo reveals his champion’s manual and you can learn from it

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Leandro Lo at the 2015 Pan

Leandro Lo at the 2015 Pan

Leandro Lo, three times world champion, has opened his Jiu-Jitsu manual for GRACIEMAG and we bring it to you. Here are 5 tips from one of the most active and successful competitors of today’s generation of black belts.

Take a look and use it to your own improvement on the mats.

1. Step out of your comfort zone

“I’m always trying new things to be a better athlete. You can’t stay on your preferred game all the time. You have to allow yourself to be uncomfortable. That will only bring you good things in the end.”

2. Have a well-rounded game

“To be able to play on top and on the bottom is essential. You don’t need to be the best at each one, but you have to know your way around it. Train until you have a strong enough base and a dangerous enough guard.”

3. The art of training while tired

“Go through all the training without resting. Try to go against the toughest of your partners, those who give you the most trouble. Even when you feel tired, keep going. This will increase your endurance and enhance your perception of the fight.”

4. Value your off time

“To rest is also to train. I make sure I have a good night of sleep and also I eat really well. It makes a huge difference when I roll.”

5. Be a happy fighter

“Make sure you are a happy person whenever is time to roll. Be there to do what you like the most and not because you have to be there. If you go train without really wanting to do it, you lose your focus. Love what you do and you’ll do it at a 100% rate.”

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