Jiu-Jitsu video: armbar and how to comfortably finish

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GRACIEMAG #185 is just about bidding farewell to bookstores around the world, so anyone hoping to get up to speed on how to get the most out of a body part essential to gentle-art mastery had better get theirs while they can. After all, everything in Jiu-Jitsu boils down to proper hip movement, whether in attack, defense, blocking or control situations.

To further your studies even more, we’re featuring an armbar attack from guard taught by Kid Peligro.

“The key detail in this move is to keep your pelvis flush up against the opponent’s shoulder. That way, when you raise your hips, there’ll be enormous pressure against the opponent’s elbow. If there’s any room between your pelvis and his shoulder he’ll be able to slip his elbow out,” Rafael Lovato, our GMA in the US state of Oklahoma, teaches in the magazine.

Check out the video with Kid Peligro in detail, and don’t forget to subscribe to GRACIEMAG by clicking here.

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