Gracie Humaita brown belt Gabriel Checco conquers Gi and No Gi gold at NAGA

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Gabriel Checco receiving the NAGA belt on the podium.

Gabriel Checco receiving the NAGA belt on the podium.

The Jiu-Jitsu brown belt Gabriel Checco from GMA Gracie Humaita Henderson in Nevada has accumulated three consecutive wins at grappling competitions this year.

Avid competitor, Checco dominated at the West Coast Naga last Saturday, August 23, taking the gold in both Gi and No Gi modalities. In addition, he also succeeded in competitions earlier this year winning the famous Grapples Guest and the IBJJF Las Vegas Open.

Gabriel who trains with Mica Cipili, a black belt 4th degree under Rickson and Royler Gracie says that constant Jiu-Jitsu practice helped him stay in shape for competitions. The athlete who rolls twice a day with his students at Gracie Humaita Henderson devotes his victory streak to his master and family.

“First I would like to thank my mentor, friend, brother and business partner Mica, for the opportunity he offered me that changed my life. He invited me to open a Jiu-Jitsu school a year and a half ago, so nowadays I train Jiu-Jitsu at least twice a day, and even with my white belts. I keep learning every day, and of course, if it were not for the support of my wife I do not know how would it be or where I would be today.”  said the champ

gabriel Checco on the podium (on top) and posing with his coach Mica Cipili (on the bottom).

Gabriel Checco on the podium for No Gi and Gi (above) and posing with his coach Mica Cipili (below).

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