Go from clock to bow-and-arrow choke with one of our GMAs

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Michel Porfirio Buiú is one of around 300 Jiu-Jitsu professors who make up the GMA, our network of associates endeavoring to close the distance between the best Jiu-Jitsu academies on the planet.

In the following video, Buiú, the head of Carlson Gracie Miami, shows how to make use of the bow-and-arrow choke when the clock choke doesn’t do the trick.

Note how the opponent is all balled up, making it impossible to get hold of the collar or latch on to an arm. So, Michel passes the lapel over the neck to his other hand.

Even without much space, he moves his leg up and passes the leg back to the first hand, sits and grabs the pant leg to keep his opponent from escaping, and squeezes for the finish.

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