Familiar with late night Jiu-Jitsu training?

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Treino Corujao na equipe Sul Jiu-Jitsu, em Porto Alegre.

Ever stopped to think that at this hour of the night there are folks stuffing a gi in a backpack to go train? And winter’s been unkindly cold in a lot of parts of Brazil, making laziness all the more justifiable.

But as the wise old saying goes, “While you’re loafing around at home, there’s some bum out there training hard to put you through the wringer.”

Based on this philosophy, Sul Jiu-Jitsu headquarters, headed by Fernando Paradeda, is providing the gang another opportunity to shrug off the lethargy, setting up a late night training session starting at 10 pm.

What about you, gentle reader, do you tend to train early in the morning or late at night?

Do you feel there’s a big difference in your Jiu-Jitsu depending on the time of day? Share your experience with us and let’s get the debate cracking.

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