Durinho: “Anyone who faces me better be prepared”

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Durinho in the final against Celso. Photo: Carlos Ozorio

Gilbert Durinho won the under-74kg division of tryouts for the World Pro, which takes place April 17 in Abu Dhabi. Despite a string of injuries, the Atos representative imposed his game on his way to earning his trip to the Middle East.

“I had an arm injury. In Europe I fought injured, but managed to close out the division with the gang. Then I returned to training and hurt my back, and was on ice for a while longer. But I’m doing great work. If I have an injured back, for example, I work my legs. Last week I managed to train hard and I feel I put on a good performance. I went for it in all my matches without getting tired, and that made me happy,” he tells GRACIEMAG.com.

The fighter expects to have an even better performance in the Arab Emirates.

“I want to go in full steam and win that money. I’ll be in good shape when I get there, better than at the qualifiers. Everyone can expect me to push the pace with everybody. Anyone who faces me better be prepared. I’ll bring the pressure the whole time to get that money,” he warns.

In the final of the Rio qualifiers, Durinho beat Celso Venicius by taking the back. At the end of the match the two had an argument. Durinho is in doubt as to the real reason for the controversy, but comments on the possibility in the statement below and in a video interview sent in by our collaborator Diego Marcello.

“Six minutes is a match that has to have a lot of movement going on. If you stop you lock up the game, and that can cause complications. I wanted to carry on in the match and he was piddling around tying and belt and resting. I said: ‘Let’s go, dude. Let’s fight.’ He got kind of angry. If I offended him, I ask forgiveness, which I already did. I have nothing against him. He’s tough, thrice world champion and has nothing to prove. I just did my job and I fell I accomplished my mission.”

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