Comprido invites one and all to seminar with Arlovski and comments on Worlds

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Comprido trains with Brock Lesnar. Photo: Publicity

Rodrigo “Comprido” Medeiros invites to a seminar with Andrei Arlovski on June 19 in the USA, which is free to the first 100 to sign up (Further details at wasted no time in asking his analysis of the 2010 Worlds, and put a question from one of our website readers to him: who can stop Roger Gracie? Check it out:

Rômulo’s injury
Unfortunately, this was the first World Championship where I didn’t compete. But I watched on from Chicago and it was a shame Rômulo (Barral) got injured against Tarsis. I believe the absolute final should take place before the weight groups, when an athlete is signed up in both.

Cavaca the submission artist and other standouts
Cavaca fought really well and solidified his place among the big names in the competition. Marcelo is always in great shape and returned to making life hard for his opponents. And there was also Mendes’s win over Cobrinha. In other words, there were a lot of good matches.

Malfacine vs Caio Terra
I felt it was a shame they didn’t give Caio Terra the points in the roosterweight final (when Malfacine defended against an attack). Perhaps the rules have changed, but if a fighter flees the area to escape having points scored against him he should drop two points. But nothing is perfect; my criticism here is of the rules, not the refereeing.
Some rules can be made easier, like stabilizing takedowns and the punishment for stalling, which is not very clear. I feel the bomb is on the lap of the judges.

Roger’s third
The best one of all really was Roger. He’s made it to eight absolute finals! There’s nothing more to say. Who can stop him? Look, I’m not even going address beating him; to fight on even terms with him one needs lots of technique, a really good strategy and, mainly, to be able to take a beating (laughs). I don’t believe any fighter is invincible; everyone experiences good and bad days, injuries, good or bad luck. Roger is one of the best of all times, but there are a lot of other good fighters and you never know who will be at the top of the game next year.

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