Back in Brazil, Tarsis hones skills to win second world title

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Tarsis wins 2010 Brazilian Nationals. Photo: Carlos Ozório.

Alliance standout Tarsis Humphreys won the World Championship for the first time in 2010. Last season, at a medium heavyweight, the black belt came up with other expressive wins, like the Brazilian Nationals.

Back in Brazil after a spell in Miami, Florida, Tarsis is sharpening up his skills for the challenges that await him this season. Check out what he had to say in this interview:

You’re back in São Paulo now? What will that add to your training?

Yes, I’m back living in São Paulo and I’m so happy to see my family and friends and to be back training hard for competitions. Training at Fabio’s (Gurgel) academy is great, his classes are excellent and the fact someone is supervising and guiding training makes things a lot easier, not to mention the high quality and variety of training partners. I’m also back at training with my physical conditioning coach, Edmilson Dantas, who uses the LPO System to get me in shape. I found out Demian Maia is training with Dimas too, wo it will be really cool to train together with Demian and be able to talk to him about the UFC and his career.

How important was the experience in the USA to you?

I learned to appreciate a lot of things, I matured a lot there with the experience, mainly when it comes to running an academy and being a good teacher.

He fights tooth and nail for a win! Photo: Carlos Ozório.

Last year you won the Worlds for the first time. Is winning it a second time your main goal for this year? Do you want to try for the absolute as well?

I train to win. If I were to tell you I’m in it for the fun, I’d be lying. Jiu-Jitsu titles are proof of how good we are at what we do, and I feel that’s important. I’m competitive in life, determined, and I returned to Brazil to be able to train more. I hope to do better this year than last year and, if I’m in good shape, I do want to do weight and open weight. It will depend on who is doing best from the team and who’s better prepared to compete at weight and absolute; and the team’s strategy as well.

Aside from that, what are your goals for 2011?

To compete at the biggest CBJJ and IBJJF championships and at the World Pro and the ADCC. That’s what I want now. For the second semester, – who knows? – maybe make my MMA debut.

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