ABCs of the mount

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In another week packed with learning at the Renzo Gracie Online Academy (RGOA), you will be making your BJJ much more efficient when fighting on top in the ultimate dominant position. Renzo Gracie and Paulo Guillobel show numerous tips to make your mount unstoppable, from both a perspective of stabilization/control (you will stop giving your opponent ways to escape) and from one of attack. These are the same technical minutiae used by great champions like Roger Gracie and the brothers Saulo and Xande Ribeiro, whose way of mounting is terrifying to all types of opponents. In your lifestyle lesson, check out the testimonial by red-and-white-belt Maurição Gomes. Go to to get unlimited access to this ongoing course.

This week at Renzo Gracie Online Academy, you will find:

  • Five lessons on the mount in BJJ.
  • One lifestyle lesson.

Day 1: Monday

Lesson 1: Armbar from the mount

When you reach the mount, one of the most common reactions by an opponent is to extend one arm to push your torso, in order to find space to escape. It’s important to know that and have a riposte ready to go, as Renzo teaches here. Renzo splits the armbar attack into three parts. Repeat each stage many times in a progressive manner and let it flow at training.

Lesson 2: How BJJ can improve your life

If you’re going through a rough patch, practicing BJJ can make a difference. It’s what red-and-white-belt Maurição Gomes teaches here, describing the potential BJJ has to improve people’s lives. He talks about witnessing BJJ perform miracles for army vets and cancer patients. Watch this inspiring lesson and find many ways to evolve through constant training.

Day 2: Tuesday

Lesson 3: From side control to the mount

Paulo Guillobel analyzes the four key points for you to exert control over your opponent’s body. By controlling these points, you become capable of shutting down their movements and reach the mount, foiling their reactions. Guillobel shows this in practice, with an efficient progression from side control to the mount.

Day 3: Wednesday

Lesson 4: Keeping the mount

Before you start attacking from the mount, it’s necessary to learn how to stabilize it, cancelling any escape attempts. Guillobel teaches a very efficient drill for you to develop the ability to frustrate your opponent whenever they try to escape from your mount.

Day 4: Thursday

Lesson 5: Using head control on the mount

Paulo Guillobel teaches a drill to help you perfect your control over an opponent from the mount by controlling their head. Note that it’s an anticipation technique — you can’t afford to mess up the timing here.

Day 5: Friday

Lesson 6: Mount control by holding the collar

What do you do when your opponent starts pushing your hips with both hands to try and escape the mount? Paulo Guillobel shows an effective option wherein he holds his opponent’s cross collar. Note that if Guillobel’s opponent continues moving to escape from the mount, he tends to choke himself. Another great drill to sink your teeth into.

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