5 tricks to sharpen your guard passing in Jiu-Jitsu with Augusto Tanquinho

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Augusto “Tanquinho” Mendes (Soul Fighters) is one of those champions who study and seek alternatives for each position, analyzing the details and creating alternatives. The study shows to be effective as his various IBJJF medals can prove it – especially the 2013 world title between feathers.

Possessor of good passes and a surly guard, the “carioca” black belt with a MMA fight scheduled in August, lists five tips today, solely for the GRACIEMAG reader to supercharge your game on top. Engage and good training!

1. Eye in the spaces

“Be aware of all available spaces, as sometimes it can be the only place for you to balance,” Tanquinho notes.

2. Well prepared Legs

“Work your legs and hips so you can have these areas always very strong and a sturdy body – this helps you to avoid imbalances and even helps its positioning to pass the guard,” teaches black belt.

3. Strong grips in the right places

“Always keep strong grips in the pants or on your opponent’s collar. A good passer does not lose that grip, and this way is able to efficiently proceed to pass the guard, until he has just enough control, “he recalls.

4.  Underhook it

“Look to make the underhook when passing the guard to be tight and put more pressure, so you can distribute your weight on top of your opponent. At the time of using the underhook, make a grip on the shoulder or back of your opponent’s kimono and, very importantly, try to keep your shoulder stuck in your opponent’s body, “says Tanquinho.

5. Dealing with the half guard

“When you get to half guard, fight for the underhook and work with your head on the floor to the opposite side. Try to be tight between the underhook and your head. Work with the foot of the leg that is loose in the half guard of your opponent to pass. Keep the pressure and the weight of your upper body to avoid opening spaces, “explains the champ.

And you, dear reader and contributor to GRACIEMAG? What lesson in passing the guard has changed your game?


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