2018 world champions reveal what they eat after a big competition

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Gracie Diet? Not before celebrating a little.

Months of physical and mental preparation lead up to the big day for jiu-jitsu’s elite competitors. And after such a momentous event as the IBJJF Worlds, it’s time for these athletes to reward themselves.

We talked to a few of this year’s world champions to find out what they put on their plates to let loose after a long period of discipline. Here’s what they said:

Bia Mesquita (lightweight world champion):

“After the Worlds, my favorite plate is a deep one! There comes that urge to eat a lot… But generally, my first meal after securing the gold is pasta. My favorite is cheese ravioli with white sauce.”

Lucas Hulk (medium heavyweight world champion):

“It’s important for the first morning meal to be nutritious, so I start the day with some secret porridge! It’s oatmeal cooked in milk and with cinnamon, banana, peanut butter and some cereals. It’s rich in fiber and offers the energy I need for training.”

Claudia do Val (medium heavyweight world champion):

“I think I have to reveal my secret: I love ice cream! After the Worlds, my ‘prize’ is Ben & Jerry’s brownie.”

Mahamed Aly (super-heavyweight world champion):

“I’m always training, so the menu doesn’t change. I eat everything, but I really like pizza, especially since I’m living here in the U.S.”

Mikey Musumeci (light featherweight world champion):

“My favorite dish is very creamy penne, especially if prepared with tomato sauce, milk cream and garlic, among other ingredients.”

Leandro Lo (absolute world champion):

“Man, what I like is some barbecue.”

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