10 tips for you to start living better today

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Based on the teachings of Grandmaster Carlos Gracie:

1 – Do not leave soft drinks in the fridge or candy in the cupboard. Break the temptation at the root.

2 – Do not sleep in rooms without air circulation and renewal.

3 – Sleep in loose, comfortable clothing.

4 – When you awake, stretch well before getting up, and always think positive before getting out of bed.

5 – Walk barefoot more to exchange energy with the ground. When you need to wear shoes, avoid rubberized shoes with soles that do not cause isolation of your body to the ground.

6 – Always look for the food of the season and the area where you are.

7 – Before you act, think.

8 – Do not eat more than you need.

9 – Eat more honey, açaí, avocados and nuts. Foods with plenty of calories are sometimes necessary — don’t shun them!

10 – Shun white food. Usually white foods, such as bread, rice and potatoes, have lots of sugar — which is energy that is burned quickly and soon makes you hungry again.

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