Wagnney warns Aldo: “Faber is more dangerous than Mike Brown”

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On June 20, Wagnney Fabiano returns to combat in the WEC bantamweight division and a win over Frank Gomes could help him get a shot at the title. While his chance is on hold, this Saturday his teammate José Aldo defends his featherweight title in the very organization against former champion Urijah Faber. Wagnney remarks on the challenges.

Wagnney Fabiano. Photo: Josh Hedges

What do you expect in the Aldo-Faber fight?

I expect it to be a war. Faber is the poster boy of the event, everyone likes him and he’s an excellent fighter. But he’ll have his hands full. Faber has never faced anyone like José Aldo. I know it because I train with him! The kid is dangerous! There are no holes in his game; he won’t let you see his weaknesses. It will be hard times for Faber. But I also expect Junior to be 100% because he, too, will have a tough opponent ahead of him. I like Faber’s style. In my opinion, he’s a lot more dangerous than Mike Brown, with good takedowns, venomous elbows… The tough part about Faber is that there’s no way to predict what he’ll try and do. But I’m José Aldo all the way!

If you win your bout with Gomez, do you feel you’ll get a shot at the bantamweight belt?

Unfortunately, that’s out of my hands. But, for sure, if I win in grand style, get the submission or knockout, I’ll be closer to the belt. But that’s in the hands of the promoters.

You always fought at featherweight. What was it like adapting to the new division?

My first experience was good. I made weight without suffering too much and felt fine. I did three rounds and it was really good to test out the new division and see how I would react. But making weight is a fight before the fight. There’s no two ways about it!

And what about the fight with Frank Gomez?

I expect it to be a war, if just because he’s coming off a win too. He’s a well-rounded fighter and has dangerous Jiu-Jitsu. I can by no means underestimate him. It will be a good fight and I expect to win.

I’d also like to send my regards to Renzo Gracie. That guy’s awesome! I’m his fan. That said, he has a string of fans! Send him my best! – message sent!

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