Video: The Canadian brown belt who lived in a car to earn his ticket to ADCC

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Darson Hemmings earned his ticket to the ADCC by traveling from Toronto to the trial in San Diego by the skin of his teeth. Having a part-time job across the street from his academy to work during the hours while the gym was closed, he managed to make enough money to train all through the day. With the help of a teammate, he received an old Honda Civic to keep in the academy parking lot. Not to drive, because he didn’t have a license, but to sleep in. He was able to work his way to the west coast of the US and win five fights for the ticket to Beijing, China.

There are many ways to live the Jiu-Jitsu lifestyle. For some, it is a passion that takes over ones free time and for others it is a passion that takes over ones whole life. This particular athlete chooses to focus all of his efforts to training, teaching and competing which has opened doors for him. His efforts sent him around the world and into the most prestigious tournament, the ADCC, as a brown belt.

Check out his story below:

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