Two shortcuts to the back with Gracie Barra BH’s Caloquinha and Benini

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Claudio Caloquinha with Sergio Benini on his shoulders after they closed out a final at the 2019 Brazilian Nationals. Carlos Arthur Jr.

Champions of the 2019 Brazilian Nationals, where they closed out the master 2’s lightweight division, Cláudio Caloquinha and Sérgio Benini recently set a little time aside to share with you some of their favorite transitions.

Straight from the classic Gracie Barra Belo Horizonte dojo, the two black-belts demonstrated a couple of shortcuts to achieve a back-take.

Translated transcript:

“I’m gonna show a kimura going to the back and ending on the bow-and-arrow. I’m on half-guard with my shin measuring the distance. I’ll make a grip on the tricep. Hip escape. Always pointing the knee to the mat. And I’ll lock the kimura in place. Serginho will be doing a hand-to-hand grip to defend against this, and I can’t break that grip. I will get my hook in through the inside; I’ll take my leg out; I will spin, always to the side of the hook; and I finish with the bow-and-arrow. So [0:59], in real time…”

“We start at the omoplata. I always throw Caloquinha’s arm back to prevent him closing the elbow, and my other hand’s on the collar. I hip-escape sideways and close the omoplata over the shoulder. Now, to come up, I make a grip on his belt and I’m gonna stretch my leg. When I stretch my leg, I’m able to come up more easily. This hand here, I will place it next to Caloquinha’s pants, and I’ll pass my other hand through the middle of my leg and hold the collar. I’ll open the omoplata, hip-escape a little backward, putting my foot under Caloquinha’s body. Now [1:59], at the same time I open this leg, I pull him to me. This hand passes under his armpit; the other hand, over the shoulder; and I stabilize the back-take.”

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Aprenda as transições justas de Claúdio Caloquinha e Sérgio Benini no QG da Gracie Barra Belo Horizonte. Oss!

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