Video: Leandro Lo teaches two guard passes with Vitor Terra

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Leandro Lo and Vitor Terra.

The world’s sitting absolute BJJ champion, Leandro Lo, was in Rio de Janeiro last week, and one of his stops was at Gracie Terra in São Conrado.

Aided by his host, Vitor Terra, Leandro explained guard technique, gave advice on how to perform better in competitions, and taught a couple of the guard passes he is known for.

In today’s video, we bring you two basic, effective passes. In the first one, Leandro applies pressure with his knee to distract his opponent, and with a quick retreat, he passes the guard and throws his weight. Given that Vitor is holding Leandro’s pants, there isn’t enough time for Vitor to use his hand.

In the second pass taught, Leandro bullfights by pushing the legs like a truck driver turning the steering wheel.

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