The secrets to passing guard: Renzo Gracie Online Academy

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This week, Renzo Gracie Online Academy (RGOA) unveils many tricks to bring out your potential as a guard passer. Renzo Gracie and Leo Tunico guide you through multiple paths, revealing ways to get past your opponent’s legs and reach side control in good shape.

Check out, for example, this clever technique for opening guard, a true strategic gem taught by Renzo:

The week is filled with passes based not on physical power, but instead on sophisticated concepts, which will sharpen your perception regarding weight distribution, posture, balance, pressure, dominant grips and more themes inherent to the guard-passing game. Look at this knee-slicing pass taught by Leo Tunico:

In your lifestyle lesson, check out some healthy habits proposed by red-and-white-belt Marcio Stambowsky.

Don’t waste time.

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