Telles gets the knockout, Gregor puts one to bed, Paulão folds

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Gregor chokes out another one. Photo: Dan Rod/ archives.

The X-Combat Ultra GP this Friday in the town of Campos dos Goytacazes, Rio de Janeiro state, put on an electrifying under-84kg (middleweight) GP with international matchups, as well as an under-77kg title fight.

In the opening fight of the GP, Eduardo Telles showed his muay thai training with Francisco Veras has been paying off, according to our collaborator Junior Samurai. The São Paulo native ran roughshod over Chile’s Ivan “El Terrible”, scoring a fight-ending front kick 58 seconds into the fight. “That’s my favorite kick, and Veras told me to put faith in it. It worked,” Telles told Junior Samurai. And this would be just a taster of what was to come.

With a superior display in the first round, Gustavo Ximu kept up the pace in the second, when he managed to get back mount and pound away until creating an opening to sink the decisive rear-naked choke.

Next came another superior display, with Leonardo Peçanha making quick work of Argentina’s Matias Lemon. The Nova União black belt landed a second-round armbar that brought the fight to a close.

The last fight in the GP was a heart breaker for his fans, as former WEC champion Paulão Filho, a rugged and charismatic Jiu-Jitsu stylist known to put on exciting fights, simply wilted. The black belt – who is going through family problems – entered the X-Combat cage wearing a posture never before seen in MMA. Paulão limited himself to playing punching bag at the hands of France´s Norman Paraisy. Holding his guard low and stuck against the cage, he was a sitting duck and only wasn’t knocked out because of his opponent’s lack of punching power. The scorecards came in with a unanimous decision win for the Frenchman.

Now Gregor Gracie was game for his under-77kg title fight. The black belt from the family with the greatest Jiu-Jitsu tradition was merciless against Thiago Mônaco, coming up with the quickest finish of the night, putting the Rio de Janeiro’s lights out with a rear-naked choke. “I’ll always go to my Jiu-Jitsu,” said Gregor just after the show.

X-Combat Ultra GP
Parque de Exposições, Campos dos Goytacazes, Rio
May 20, 2011

Magno Magu (Nova União) defeated Phelipe Ximenes “Demolidor” (Constrictor) via unanimous decision
Paulo Vitor (Nova União) knocked out Fabiano Sales (Beto Padilha) in R1
Mauricio Reis (BTT) defeated Franciney Farinazo (Nova União) via unanimous decision
Emiliano Sordi (Top Figthing Team) defeated Ricardo Peçanha (Alliance) in R1

Reserve fight – International under-84kg GP

Patrick Bezerra (Beto Padilha) defeated Vinicius Carvalho (Clube da Luta) via desistance

Under-84 kg GP

Leonardo Peçanha (Nova União) submitted Matias Lemon (Top Figthing) via armbar in R2
Eduardo Telles (TK/Nine Nine) knocked out Ivan “El Terrible” (Clube da Luta-Chile) in R1
Gustavo Ximu (Gracie Barra) submitted Juan Andres (Nova União-Chile) via rear-naked choke in R2
Norman Paraisy (JAB/Team Jucão-França) defeated Paulo Filho (BTT) via unanimous decision

Under-77kg title fight

Gregor Gracie (Renzo Gracie) submitted Thiago Mônaco (Beto Padilha) via rear-naked choke in R1

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