Sophia Drysdale returns to home down under for seminar tour

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Sophia leading seminars in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia

Robert and Sophia Drysdale recently returned from Australia where they both taught seminars throughout the country. The couple lives in Las Vegas, Nevada and own GMA academy Drysdale Jiu-Jitsu.

Sophia is well known in Australia as she is the first female black belt and is a multiple time Pan American champion and also a No-Gi World champion. While back in her home country she taught workshops and seminars throughout Melbourne and Sydney. Her first stop was at Dominance (DMMA) in Melbourne on April 27 and then after some work shops she went to Sydney to teach a seminar at Gracie Oceania on May 4 and then at Gracie Humaita on May 5.

With the help of Australian Girls In Gi run by purple belt Jess Frazer who helped to promote the events, the turn-out for all the seminars was huge with the gyms packed with all girls. There were guys in attendance as well to show their support and learn techniques specifically for smaller people dealing with larger opponents.

In response to the outcomes of her seminars she says, “I love that more and more women are becoming involved in the sport and that I can teach and help inspire other women to achieve their dreams in BJJ.”

She will be in Australia early next year to teach another series of seminars but first plans to compete later on in the year once she is back in competition shape after recently giving birth to her second baby.

Look out for details of Robert Drysdale’s tour throughout Australia shortly.

For more information on Sophie and Robert Drysdale you can go to

Dominance MMA seminar April 27

Gracie Oceania seminar on May 4

Gracie Humaita seminar on May 5

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