Royce of Arabia

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The Arabian desert. A westerner trains local warriors. Great battles are about to take place.

No, reader, this is not a synopsis of a new production of the movie “Lawrence of Arabia”, a major success in 1966 portraying the saga of a young English official who trained Middle Eastern rebels to face the Turkish Empire.

The westerner in question is our famous Royce Gracie, who is teaching a series of seminars to military men and civilians alike in the Middle East, more precisely Kuwait and Dubai.

Royce demonstrates his famous stomp on Carlao Santos, in the ADCC. Photo: Publicity

Today he was at the Abu Dhabi Combat Club to check out the training of Emirates Team and took the chance to give some pointers to the team led by Carlão Santos.

Royce was invited to teach seminars on an American base in the Persian Gulf and then for the army of Kuwait. After these two commitments he should return to the Arab Emirates for a seminar in Dubai.

So, what are these great battles about to take place?” It’s worth remembering how during the same week of April we’ll have, in Abu Dhabi, an historic UFC event and the 2nd World Pro Jiu-Jitsu Cup. April promises to be a truly hot week in the desert.

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