Rolles leads the festivities at packed academy

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Our GMA in New Jersey Rolles Gracie was in Chicago this week to conduct some seminars, and he made the most of the visit to drop in on long-time friends Adem and Eddie Redzovic, of Gracie Barra, when Eddie seized the chance to promote three new black belts.

The Redzovic brothers are students of Carlos Gracie Jr., with a ten-year tradition in teaching Jiu-Jitsu, and they celebrated the young Gracie’s presence. Also in attendance was Carlos “Escorrega” Lemos, the light featherweight world champion of 2003.

“Today was a very exciting day for us at Gracie Barra Chicago. Whenever someone receives the black belt it’s one of those moments that you will never forget; it’s an emotional experience for all of us who have shared the mats together. It was great to have our friends Rolles Gracie Jr. and Carlos Lemos Jr. here to share the experience,” said Adem.

Among the promotees were Andres Arias, Alexander Pinto and Idriz Redzovic.

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  1. John at 1:28 am

    Now that is funny the Redzovics! I checked out their school when I was in Chicago last year, it was some good jiu jitsu, I would go again if my job sends me to Chicago. They have so many training partners, It’s a big school.

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