Prepare this detoxing juice to make up for the holidays

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Um suco detox para aliviar a pressão da ceia de Natal.


The end of the year is a time of excess. But for you, athlete and BJJ lover who may have overdone it, Graciemag has at least part of the solution.

The recipe is a detoxing juice made with ginger, papaya and other ingredients to get you back on track sooner rather that later.

The papaya is well regarded for its digestive properties, helping with intestinal balance and making hormones and mineral absorption work better. And the ginger has thermogenic and anti-oxidant functions, ideal for helping the body recover from a high calorie intake.

In the following recipe, by Andrea Lana, we have a powerful combination of ingredients. Check it out.


1 thick slice of papaya (25 kcal)
1 orange (35 kcal)
3 kale leaves (10 kcal)
1 spoon of chia tea (10 kcal)
1 tea spoon of ginger
1 big glass of water

Mix it all in the blender with a bit of ice, and the juice is ready.

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