Nick Diaz speaks up

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Nick Diaz is known for not mincing his words when he speaks. And that’s precisely what he did at the end of the Strikeforce event, this past Jan. 30 in Miami. After beating Marius Zaromskis and securing the organization’s welterweight belt, the fighter let loose his tongue. He didn’t miss out on challenging Georges St. Pierre, champion of the same division in the UFC, or criticizing adversaries. Our Nalty Jr. was there at Strikeforce and interviewed the champion exclusively for

Diaz against Marius Zaromskis. Photo: Esther Lin

What did you think of the fight?

I knew he’d come after me, so I was prepared and let him come. Then I started to throw more blows. It took a while to find my range and that was when my coach started talking to me and managed to get me back into the fight. I was careful with the range. I heard his corner yelling for him to accept the kicks; I felt bad for him because not always is listening to your corner the best option. I saw an interview saying he does everything his coaches tell him to do. Without wishing to belittle anyone, he’s a good fighter and should have more confidence in himself. He shouldn’t have attempted the kicks and knees without finding his range first. Perhaps that’s why my hits entered and it he took so many punches to the face. 

How did preparations for the fight go?

I trained hard. My brother (Nate Diaz) helped me. Jake Shields and Gilbert Melandez also helped me a lot in training. My coach Cesar Gracie, as always, came up with good sparring partners and Jiu-Jitsu fighters to participate in training. Also Ralph Gracie. I’m from the Gracie family; it’s always good to remember where you come from and how it all began.

Do you feel you had a hard time?

I was never in any trouble in the fight.

Diaz celebrates. Photo: Esther Lin

Who will your next opponent be? There’s talk of Jay Hieron …

I want to fight Georges St-Pierre; I just want to fight the best, whoever is in the media, because no one seems to notice me, no one puts me and my brother in the magazines. Jay Hieron? Who is that guy?

Do you think you should now be among the top five in your division in the world?

Why not? In my opinion, I’ve won practically every fight of my career, despite a no contest I don’t agree with. I lost to Jeremy Jackson, but then had a rematch and beat him twice. Against Diego Sanchez I lost because I had a bad strategy for that fight and was really angry, but the truth is that his face was the one all messed up afterwards, not mine. Diego Sanchez is the biggest idiot of the fighters I’ve faced, but I’m  not going to be unfair and say that I won that fight.   

What would you like to say in closing?

I just have to thank my fans, friends, teammates, my boxing coach and Cesar Gracie for the support!

Check out the fighter’s last fight:

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  1. chris at 1:44 am

    Nick diaz is a top contender. He is definatly #1 in his weight class and the reason these “big” names won’t face him is bcause they are scared. Nick is a scary dude, on a mission to destroy any body in his way. Killer instincs with a lions heart! I pray for those who face him. Get’ em NICK!

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