More attacks from half-guard

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In this week of Renzo Gracie Online Academy, you will continue studying the offensive half-guard. André Monteiro teaches a new repertory of attacks so that you can booby-trap the path of the passer. Check out infallible techniques for sweeping, finishing and also to go to your opponent’s back.

Week 9 of Renzo Gracie Online Academy is organized this way:

  • Five techniques of attack starting from the half-guard.
  • Lifestyle: The habit of giving yourself small rewards will keep you motivated in your training.

Day 1: Monday

Lesson 1: Double attack: choke + arm drag

If your opponent manages to foil your choke attack, then use an arm drag, ending up on their back.

Day 2: Tuesday

Lesson 2: Sweep controlling both legs

One of the recurring paths for an opponent to try to pass your half-guard is by shifting to the inverted half-guard. Check out a valuable technique to block this pass, capturing both of your opponent’s legs and applying a sweep.

Day 3: Wednesday

Lesson 3: Sweep controlling both legs and spinning to the other side

In BJJ, it is very important for you to have a plan B or a plan C in case your initial strategy fails in the middle of a match. It’s what André Monteiro teaches in this video, considering the possibility of his opponent neutralizing a sweep.

Day 4: Thursday

Lesson 4: Sweep with the lapel pulling the knee

Your opponent’s lapel can become an ally when you want to sweep and stabilize the position on top. See how André Monteiro wraps his opponent’s leg with the lapel, obtaining a great support point to unbalance him.

Day 5: Friday

Lesson 5: Sweep with the lapel when your opponent tries to pass by crossing the knee

If your opponent tries to pass your half-guard by crossing their knee, then use their lapel to surprise them. Wrap the passer’s leg with the cloth, break their posture by pulling them by the collar, and project them forward by pushing their body with your knee.

Lesson 6: Lifestyle/ Give yourself little rewards
Staying motivated to train in the long run — it’s one of the biggest challenges a BJJ fighter will come across. Bruno Fernandes offers a great tip to deal with this: give little rewards to yourself after you accomplish a goal, like going to the gym thrice a week for a whole month.

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