Minotouro analyzes what he got wrong and right and gets ready for Tito

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Minotouro in UFC debut / Photo: Josh Hedges

Rogério Minotouro is getting ready to face Tito Ortiz in a bout that may decide the fighters’ futures in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. For that reason and much more, the likely main event at UFC Fight Night 24 on March 26 in Seattle promises plenty of excitement.

Check out what Minotouro had to say to GRACIEMAG.com, addressing his training and the flaws that showed through in his last appearance, among other things:

What do you need to watch out for most with Tito?

He has really good ground and pound and always looks to get to that position. He’s good at hitting from there, knows how to use his elbows, so it’s something I have to be careful about. I’m training to avoid that and defend myself by playing guard, should I end up on bottom. So I’m doing a lot of takedown defenses, playing from the bottom, not to mention working on my boxing.

Is it true that in your last outing (loss to Ryan Bader) you didn’t train quite the way you would have liked to?

Truth is, the crew wasn’t here to help me prepare for my last fight. A lot of them were traveling, for example, and I had a hurt rib. So I really wasn’t able to train the way I’d have liked to. Now I’m better and I managed to get the crew together.

Photo: Carlos Ozório

Who is helping you train?

Cigano gets here today, I’m also training with Feijão, with Anderson, and the whole gang at the training center. And for my ground game I’ve also been working with Ronaldo Jacaré, who knows a great deal about it. It’s all about training hard, that way things will be easier come fight time. I try to put myself in the discomfort zone a lot to be able to withstand any pressure during the fight and still look for the finish.

You and Tito are coming off losses. Does that add any extra weight to the bout?

It’s a really important fight. The situation is all the more delicate because I’m coming off a loss. I don’t want to lose and I’m confident. I’m working and I feel the result will depend on everything I do up until then. There’s no secret to it and I’m conscious of the responsibility. I’m going to put in an effort and I’m more focused than ever before.

Anderson’s quick, strong, and very focused” Minotouro

You said you were training with Anderson. How is he doing in the lead-up to his fight with Belfort?

Anderson’s doing well. He’s quick, strong, and very concentrated. He’ll be in good shape for this fight.

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