Megaton full blast

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Megaton in the final against Welton Ribeiro. Photo: Gustavo Aragão

Wellington Dias, better known as Megaton, is one of the all-time biggest names of the International Master and Senior Championship. The fighter had won the competition every year since 2006, and he did so again this Saturday at the Tijuca Tennis Club.

“It’s a really great event that musters the old guard back on the mats and gives a chance to the athletes who have a harder time with the demands of the ten-minute fights of the adult division,” he tells, soon after receiving his gold medal.

However, a limited tank of gas is not a problem for this black belt, who this season took third in the European Championship.

“I’ll keep fighting in the adult division!” he guarantees.

“This is the only championship where I fight in my own division, because Royler (Gracie) asks me to. Gracie Humaitá has won the International five times. Last year we let it escape us, but now we want to get it back, so we have to always be at full strength,” he explains.

The fighter and teacher never takes a break. Teamed up with his daughter Mackenzie, who made her purple-belt debut at the Rio Open winning her weight group and the absolute after getting the submission in seven matches, Megaton has much competition road ahead of him.

“I fly out to the United States on Monday because I have to do a seminar in Colorado next week. Then I’ll compete at the American Nationals and then a competition in Sweden, the Scandinavian Open,” he says in finishing.

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