Mahamed Aly now a black belt: “All the suffering, pain and tears were worth it”

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The 2015 brown belt open class world champion is now a black belt.

Mahamed Aly received the new ranking earlier this week from Lloyd Irvin, in a ceremony in Camp Springs, MD.

The Brazilian who’s been training and living in the USA for sometime now wrote about the achievement on his Facebook page.

“At my age, 21, most people are graduating from college and taking on the professions they chose. I am turning into a black belt. I had to study very hard at this “college” I chose. I was the best student in class and many times I couldn’t sleep before important tests. Many times i dreamed of the day of graduation. Now that I graduated, i want to study more. i want my Masters and my PHD. I want to give lectures in Harvard. I want that someday someone comes up to me and tell me he does what he does because he saw me do it first. This black belt came with a lot of sweat. All the suffering, the pain and the tears were worth it. Now I’m ready for more. I don;t need to rest because my energy is renewed. I’m a new man. I’m a black belt.”

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