Learn an anaconda choke from Renato Tavares

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Renato Tavares in action at 2012 Worlds / Photo by Mike Calimbas

Our GMA at ATT Vero Beach, Florida, Renato Tavares is still at it displaying his Jiu-Jitsu at the big competitions. Next weekend he’ll be taking on the vets at the inaugural Master & Senior Worlds, in California’s Long Beach Pyramid.

“Next weekend I’ll be at another World Championship. I was at the first one, in 1996, and I was at the first Abu Dhabi Pro. I’m not going to miss this Master & Senior World Championship. Let’s go get ‘em!” said the Jiu-Jitsu professor.

In the following video, Renato teaches how he likes squeezing out the anaconda choke. Notice how he grabs the arm as though to sink a keylock but pulls the arm inwards and puts his chest behind it, pulling the head and grabbing the bicep with his hand. To make the opponent tap, all it takes is putting the other hand on his own head or his opponent’s head.

Check it out and let us know: How do you like the position?

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