Jiu-Jitsu video: after winning SP Open, Diogo Almeida teaches X-guard sweep

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Diogo Almeida in action at Copa Pódio / Photo by Gustavo Aragão/GRACIEMAG.com

GRACIEMAG.com is always pointing out which up-and-coming Jiu-Jitsu talent will rise to the top, and most of the time it’s right on the money. Such is the case with Diogo Almeida, a Celso Venicius student (refresh your memory here).

The black belt showed his mettle by winning the middleweight division at the São Paulo International Open last weekend. “I had a great campaign, and like I said I would, I showed my might by winning a CBJJ title. Soon I want to be doing MMA,” said the ace from Ryan Gracie team.

Diogo was also kind enough to share a position from his repertory with GRACIEMAG.com. A body part so important that it’s the main feature of GRACIEMAG #185, the hip is essential in the position he teaches. Take note of how he’s in spider-guard and sets a foot on the ground, forcing his opponent to come forward, without letting go of the sleeve.

Next, he shifts to X-guard and moves his grip to the armpit, cracking his opponent’s posture out and sweeping.

Check out the video, and get your copy of GRACIEMAG 185 at the bookstore nearest you to get up to speed on your hip movement.

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