Jiu-Jitsu as defense for women featured in Brazilian TV’s “Jornal Hoje”

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Photo: Publicity

Self-defense is part of the essence of the gentle art and, as with all of the style’s variants, it is not restricted to weight, strength, height or gender.

Unfortunately, aggression towards women is on the rise in Brazil. The Central de Atendimento à Mulher (“Center for Attending to Women”) alone registered 300 thousand consultations between January and July of this year. Bodily harm caused by husbands and ex-boyfriends and threats represent the greatest number of complaints. How does one defend herself in one of the more extreme instances? In Jiu-Jitsu lies the answer.

In a spot on “Jornal Hoje” television program to air today on Globo network, black belt Max Trombini, the leader of Cia Paulista academy, demonstrates self-defense techniques that may prove effective for women.

Check out the program:

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