Jiu-Jitsu and surfing together in Peru

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Rodrigo Resende carves waves and wears gis. Photo: Mauro Escobar / Publicity

Though they may seem to have nothing to do with each other, it’s amazing how many Jiu-Jitsu practice surfing, and surfers who love putting on a gi for a roll.

Some examples from the gentle art are Rickson and Royler Gracie, who’ll never waste a good day’s waves. World-renowned surfers bow to the delights of the fight, too, like a longboarding super-champion Joel Tudor, who even competed in the ADCC, big-wave specialist and tough guy Rodrigo “Monster” Resende, from the BTT, and greatest surfer of all times Kelly Slater .

Anyway, all this is to talk about the Peru International Jiu-Jitsu Open. Aside from the competition and seminars on dates close to the April-25 event, there will also be the traditional Black Belt Surf competition.

“It’s a Jiu-Jitsu championship with several countries participating such as Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Costa Rica and Chile, with seminars and surfing competition for black belts. We’re making the most of the fact it will be the Tiradentes holiday in Brazil. The ticket is cheap when on sale, “says one of the organizers.

For greater information, contact emails are ricielifightingnews@hotmail.com, ribeiro.marlon@hotmail.com or by phone (21) 9592-3154.

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