Jacaré, Pé de Pano and Bitetti agree: Roger’s the best

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Roger on Tarsis's back in absolute. Photo: Ivan Trindade

Before the 2010 World Championship  the question was whether there would be a three-time absolute Jiu-Jitsu world champion. The first to conquer a second absolute world title was Amaury Bitetti. Then came Rodrigo Comprido, Márcio Pé de Pano, Ronaldo Jacaré, Xande Ribeiro and Roger Gracie.

Bitetti retired, Comprido these days is more dedicated to his career as a coach and Jacaré is focused on MMA. Pé de Pano competed at the worlds, but kept out of the absolute. Hence the battle was between Roger and Xande. The Gracie got the better of it, seeing Xande defeated by his teammate Rômulo Barral in the semifinal. Rominho then went on to get injured in his weight group, and Roger didn’t need to compete in the decider, which takes no luster off his conquest.

He’s the best competitor of all times” Pé de Pano

Photo: Ivan Trindade

Watching closely his old rival, two-time champion Ronaldo Jacaré spares no praise.

“I felt he was perfect, beat everybody with skill to spare. He showed he’s the current number 1 in Jiu-Jitsu,” Jaca remarked.

Márcio “Pé de Pano” Cruz was also impressed by Gracie’s performance at the Worlds.

“It’s easy to talk about Roger’s current phase because he leaves no room for nay saying. Truth is, to me he’s the best of all times. I was impressed by how much he’s evolved. His is simple Jiu-Jitsu, but it’s way effective. From what I saw there, there’s no stopping him. Like I said, he’s the best of all times.

The first to notch two absolute titles, in 1997, Bitetti was finally outdone. Nothing he’s bothered about.

“I feel Roger represents this record really well. He’s someone with such size and technique that it will be really tough for anyone to stop him. I think after his third will come a fourth, a fifth… He has what it takes to win and represent the Gracie family,” he says in praise.

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