Home Jiu-Jitsu from São Paulo to the Gold Coast

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Alliance aces train in their apartment. Photo: personal archive.

Folks just keep on sending in photos and stories for the “Home-Jitsu” article, be them established athletes or pure practitioners, who just can’t keep from training and, besides practice at the gym, they just have to get some rolling in at home.

The group at the front lines for Alliance in São Paulo approve:

“I feel it really works,” says black belt Bernardo Faria, chuckling. “The living room here at the apartment where we live is a mat and, by coincidence or not, the four of us living together became IBJJF champions in 2010: me at heavyweight black belt, Gabriel Goulart at middleweight brown, Mateus Luckmann at featherweight adult blue, and Murilo Tavares at heavyweight juvenile blue,” he adds.

“We use the mat to practice positions and resolve any doubts before and after tournaments! Always a few days before a championship questions come up about opponents and we put on the gi and train based on them. I believe perhaps that helped us four in becoming world champions,” says Bernardo in analysis.

Folks on Australia's Gold Coast / Photo: Personal archive

At the other end of the planet, in the land of kangaroos and surfing, GRACIEMAG.com readers quench their thirst for training at home as well.

“These photos were taken here at what we call the Jiu-Jitsu Shack, right on the Gold Coast in Australia! Just so folks will know how the Gold Coast doesn’t just have surfing, here there’s Jiu-Jitsu too!” says reader Vicente Cavalcanti.

To check out all the photos of the Jiu-Jitsu Shack and where other home trainers do their thing, click here. And don’t forget to send in photos and stories to ceozorio@graciemag.com. Do you practice “Home-Jitsu,” too?

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