Guilherme Mendes talks about Dana White’s surprise visit to AOJ

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Friday, August 2, Guilherme Mendes was paid a visit by UFC president Dana White. Promotional photo

How would you react if you were preparing to teach Jiu-Jitsu to your more advanced students and, out of nowhere, the president of the UFC popped up to watch?

That’s what three-time world champion Guilherme Mendes, a professor in Costa Mesa, California, experienced on Friday.

The Ramon Lemos student told of how that day was remarkable for the GMA academy Art of Jiu-Jitsu:

“We did not expect it. I was teaching and he suddenly arrived and started watching. We are teachers of Nick ‘The Tooth,’ who is friends with him and who actually invited Dana to come check out the gym and the workout. He was very cool with me and all the students!” said the light featherweight black-belt.

“We are delighted with this recognition of our work—this year we have received the visit of champions like BJ Penn, Vitor Belfort, Ronda Rousey, Luke Rockhold and now the visit of the renowned Dana White. Not to mention guys like Tom Watson, Thales Leites’ opponent at UFC Rio, who trains with us here at the academy,” said Gui.

Besides MMA stars, brothers Rafael and Gui Mendes this year also exchanged information with legends from other sports, like surfers Kelly Slater and Joel Tudor, who trained last week at AOJ, and skateboarder Christian Hosoi, who has taken a close look at the Mendes Bro’s style.

Could Dana White drop by again, maybe for a no-gi session?

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