Gracie Diet: Add color to your day for a healthier life

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Mix of colorful fruits and vegetables.

Mix of colorful fruits and vegetables.

Everybody knows that eating five servings of fruits and vegetables a day is very important to your health. However, did you know that the more variety of colors you add to your diet more health benefits you will get?

Fruits and vegetables are very important to our health because they are whole foods, created by nature, that are rich in a large amount of nutrients. The processed foods that we so commonly eat, can never compare to the health benefits provided by strawberries or Broccoli, which have fiber, vitamins, and enzymes built right in. Eating plenty of healthy vegetables and fruits helps you prevent different types of diseases, such as heart disease and strokes, control your blood pressure, prevent some types of cancers, and guards against vision loss among many others health benefits.

By eating fruits and vegetables of a variety of different colors, you can get the best all-around health benefits. Each different color fruit and vegetables contains unique health components that are essential to your health.

Red: The phytochemicals present in these foods are red carotenoids and anthocyanins. One of the most abundant carotenoid is lycopene. Lycopene helps reduce free radical damage in your body and also prevents heart disease, cancer, prostate problems and reduces skin damage from the sun. These red foods help memory function, urinary tract health, and makes your heart healthy.

Green: These fruits and vegetables have phytochemicals sulforaphane and indoles, which both help to prevent cancer. They are also good for the circulatory system and have good vitamin B and minerals. Green vegetables also help with vision, and the maintenance of strong bones and teeth. Some yellowish green vegetables have carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin, which help prevent cataract, ocular disease and osteoporosis. Green fruits and vegetables also contain fiber, calcium, folate and vitamin C. These nutrients besides reducing cancer risks, it lowers blood pressure and LDL cholesterol levels, normalize digestion time, support retinal health, fight harmful free-radicals, and boost immune system activity.

Purple: These foods have tons of antioxidants, which are called anthocyanins and phenolics. They help to improve circulation and prevent blood clots, so they are excellent for the heart and may help prevent heart disease. They are also known to help memorization and urinary tract health and reduce free radical damage.

Orange and Yellow: These fruits and vegetables Contain beta-carotene, zeaxanthin, flavonoids, lycopene, potassium, and vitamin C. These nutrients reduce age-related macula degeneration and the risk of prostate cancer, lower LDL cholesterol and blood pressure, promote collagen formation and healthy joints, fight harmful free radicals, encourage alkaline balance, and work with magnesium and calcium to build healthy bones.

White: These fruits and vegetables contain nutrients such as beta-glucans, EGCG, SDG, and lignans that provide powerful immune boosting activity. These nutrients also activate natural killer B and T immune system cells, reduce the risk of colon, breast, and prostate cancers, and balance hormone levels, reducing the risk of hormone-related cancers.

By Adriana Gracie.

Before starting any diet consult a nutritionist.


Carlos Gracie Jr.

Carlos Gracie Jr.


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