Gordinho helps reinforce attack from the mount

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Pass, mount, choke. That’s how Roger Gracie beat most of his opponents in recent years. Basic moves that, when repeated thousands of times over, strengthen a fighter’s foundation.

Rafael Gordinho and Roger come from similar schools, and Roberto Gordo’s younger brother, the head of Evolve academy’s Jiu-Jitsu department and our GMA in Singapore, also makes a point of reinforcing his students’ base so they can evolve without weaknesses in their games.

In the video below the black belt demonstrates tight moves for mounting and getting the choke. Lower belt-rank practitioners, pay close attention. Higher-level practitioners, maybe you can pick up some useful details.

Speaking of Gordinho, he’s heading to Gracie Oceania (Ryan Gracie Team), our GMA in Australia, to teach some seminars. For further information, email gracie.oceania@gmail.com or call 0406 456 766.

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