GMA Lloyd Irvin introduces his “avenger” at the Worlds

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Brown belt middleweight Jimmy Harbison of Lloyd Irvin came to the 2011 Worlds with two goals in mind: get revenge on those who beat him in the past and become a world champion. He was able to achieve both.

Jimmy Harbison and his master, Lloyd Irvin / Photo: Deb Blyth

Harbison’s first match was against Dan Schon. Schon beat Harbison at the 2009 Worlds when they were purple belts. This year, the tables were turned and Harbison took Schon out of contention with a kimura in about one minute.

His second match was against the UFC’s Nate Diaz. Harbison tapped him out with a bow and arrow choke. In his third fight, he faced Jose Carlos. “He beat me in Brazil,” Harbison said. This was a tough match for Harbison. He squeaked out a win by one advantage point.

In his fourth and final match he squared off against Eliezer Skaf of CIA Paulista. Once again, this was a rematch. “He beat me last year at the Worlds,” Harbison said. Not this year, although it was another close, tough match. Harbison won gold by one advantage point. “It was a big revenge day,” he said.

This was Harbison’s first Worlds win and he was speechless, which is not a usual occurrence for the extroverted and animated Harbison. “I don’t know how I feel yet,” he said, “but I do feel like I’ve come into my own.” It’s been a good year for him. He won the Europeans and came in first in his division and third in the absolute at the Pan and the Brazilian Nationals.

Harbison joined Lloyd Irvin’s team about 1 ½ years ago and it has changed his life. “Everything’s come together,” he said, “Master Lloyd Irvin is my life coach and my mentor. I just listen to him. It’s like I don’t even have to think, just work.”

Harbison said he rolls with him during training and he doesn’t stand a chance. “His skill is crazy,” he laughed, “He beats me and JT (Torres) like we’re little kids. He’s a great instructor. He breaks everything down perfectly. He means everything to me.”

Harbison said when he started training with Lloyd Irvin, he went underground to stay focused. He worked hard, deleted his Facebook page, and didn’t socialize with anyone. “I just stayed focused on Jiu-Jitsu. I worked hard and tried to improve. I just stayed in Master Lloyd’s system.”

Going underground seemed to help his game, along with all of his hard work and effort. At the Worlds Harbison said he took the day match by match, stayed focused, felt no pressure, and by the end of four difficult fights, he emerged victorious as a world champion. What’s next for him? “I’m bringing back my Facebook page!” he laughed.

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  1. Guest at 6:24 pm

    does anyone seriously expect anyone to believe that master lloyd still beats JT’s ass? c’mon, lloyd competed in the 30+ no-gi worlds in (I believe) 2008 and won his division, but not particularly spectacularly. not taking anything away from him as a coach, and I know he’s very good and big and athletic, but he’s also really old (in jiu jitsu years). no way he still wipes the mat with JT, a current mundial medalist.

    • Guest at 6:53 pm

      Yea, i’ve seen Master Lloyd train with Jimmy and JT and yes he does win. But it’s a very technical match!!! Even though he wins he usually does it by point and doesn’t use alot of submissions. But when he does use his submissions it’s curtain!!

  2. Karen Harbison Tatge at 7:33 pm

    Jimmy…You are a great champion and we are very proud of your hard word and accomplishments! Don’t forget to friend me!

  3. Loc at 8:09 pm

    jack helmstetter

    your grandfather was also a great champion, he was once a very mean guard for a largecorporation. the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    • Guest at 8:53 pm

      typical reactionary moron…question any of the claims made about lloyd or his team and you’re a racist. fucking moron. reread what I wrote. i said that lloyd was very good, but that i believe JT is probably better by this point. spare us your nazi references.

  4. Frank Camacho at 8:13 pm

    Had the pleasure and honor to train with Jimmy for this years tournaments. Really happy for him! Bigger things coming brother! Ouus

  5. Anonymous TLI member at 8:54 pm

    Actually master lloyd does wipe the mats with jt and jimmy, its no secret. and he does submit them alot, its great to have an instructor thats so skilled and can put it to use.

  6. Musdojo at 10:39 pm

    Jimmy is not only an unbelievable jui jitsu fighter, but an awsome dude. I started training with jimmy when he was only 14 yrs old, and he was even scary to roll with back then. Keep up the excellent work Jimmy, In my eyes there is no one on the planet that deserves this honor more than you brother!

  7. darksydxx cacao at 1:57 am

    Wow Lloyd Irvin just abducts other academy’s top prospects. Jt and Jimmy are all under Lou Vitalor’s academy Performance BJJ in North NJ

    • Fred Tyler at 7:19 am

      Damn you guys still mad that your program sucks and can’t take a person to the next level? JT has been gone for years, let it go. No one cares about you guys.

    • Guest at 8:56 pm

      a legitimate point, put it’s also legit to say that lloyd can attact these guys to his team and get them to another level. i mean, hate on TLI all you want, but their results speak for themselves. and DJ Jackson has been with lloyd since white belt and just won purple mundials one year after winning blue mundials.

      the same guest who doubts that lloyd beats JT’s ass.

      • Guest1 at 5:22 pm

        not only are you probably a racist you’re a hater. To doubt something that you have no idea about is what? You believe JT is better than him means what? have you ever rolled with him in the gym? What exactly are you making your beliefs on? Facts? Why do you have a belief about something you have no idea about?

        You have a strong position but no facts to support your position. So this makes you what you really are.

  8. Ccunninghamjr at 6:28 pm



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