Gesias all set to get back to the top

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Gesias. Photo: FEG

Gesias Cavalcante is all set to face Josh Thomson at the October 9 Strikeforce show in San Jose, California. The fighter spoke of the fight at the promotional press conference and promises to show all the heart and technique that put him at the top of the lightweight pecking order, winning the K-1 Hero’s Grand Prix twice over. Check out the interview with Cavalcante by our correspondent Nalty Jr.

How do you feel about fighting in the United States?

I want to thank Strikeforce and Scott Coker for getting me back to the USA. It’s been a while since I fought here. It’s a pleasure to me, even more so because Josh is a former champion and this will be a tough fight. It’s no easy task, but life’s not easy. I like challenges and I think the fans want to see this fight. As the fans want to see the fight, I’m happy to be fighting in the USA at Strikeforce.

Do you feel any pressure for this fight?

I don’t feel any pressure, especially because people here don’t know me and don’t know what to expect. So there’s no pressure at all. There’s more pressure when people know you and expect you to do well. I’ve been through situations where I felt pressure from the fans, who create a lot of expectations. I’m not putting any pressure on myself to do well. I know what I’m capable of. I know I train hard and have an excellent training camp, one of the best in the world. I have a great team. I just need to keep focused, in control and balanced.

My game works well in the cage, even better than in the ring” Gesias

You’ve only been fighting in the ring lately. What are your thoughts on making the move to the cage?

I train in the cage a lot. Most of my teammates fight in the cage, so I train with them. My game works well in the cage, sometimes even better than in the ring. I feel there are pros and cons to the cage and ring, but I always see the pros in my favor. I’m working hard and nothing is different. A fight’s a fight wherever it may be.

Will you be going for the finish?

I’ll have my eye on everything. We’re both complete fighters and the fight could play out standing or on the ground. So I’m not focused on any one thing in particular. My concern is fighting hard for 15 minutes. If he makes a mistake, I’m going to capitalize on it and win.

Do you feel better now, after suffering so many injuries?

I feel fine. I fought in July. It was a good fight, lasted 15 minutes, but I felt a bit rusty due to injury. But now I’m healthy, much more confident mentally and physically. I’m training well, thank God.

Is it harder to fight in your opponent’s backyard?

I’m always fighting in someone else’s territory. I know it’s different in Japan, where everyone is more calm and respectful. Here people shout and boo. But a fight’s a fight. I’m fine with that.

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