Follow Bruno Bastos’ footsteps and register for Masters & Seniors Worlds Oct. 5-6

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Bruno Bastos passing the guard. Photo: Gustavo Aragao

Competition veteran and Nova Uniao black belt leader Bruno Bastos is signed up once again to compete in the IBJJF Masters & Seniors World Championship. The 2013 event is scheduled for October 5-6 at the Long Beach Walter Pyramid in Long Beach, CA, the same location of the prestigious adult World Championship that happens every June. Your chance to compete is still open as registration does not close until Sept. 27. Register here:

For Bruno, this will be his second time competing in the event, only in it’s second year since moving to the pyramid in 2012. With a new baby in town, his motivation has increased even more and the drive to make his family proud drives him forward. See what Bruno is planning for the event and what he looks forward to most:

GRACIEMAG: You retired from adult competition this year when you handed over your belt to Buchecha in June. Does your retirement from adult competition make this Masters world title more important to you?

BRUNO BASTOS: I see myself still showing up for some IBJJF open tournaments but sure I don’t see myself competing right now as an adult at Mundials or Pan Ams level. I would have to sacrifice my family and my students and I have done that a lot already. I got my black belt before I turned twenty-one and I’m thirty-three right now so it’s been a long road and I fought most of the best guys. I said that for sure I want to win the Masters Worlds but the biggest title for me is to make my son proud of me as well as my family and students. It’s priceless when people thank me for change their lives in a positive way.

With a new addition to your family have your priorities changed at all in terms of competition?

Sure, I won’t be gone every month because I want be with my son and my wife most of the time but I’m still going to do the big ones. I still believe that I can get an invitation from ADCC. That would be awesome after giving my belt to Buchecha to get that recognition from them after all these years. And I would go for the win!

Are you doing anything different to prepare for this year’s Masters and Seniors Worlds?

Just training with my students and doing lot of conditioning with Giulliano Gallupi and mental skills with Gustavo Dantas because six minute matches need to be done with intensity plus if ADCC happens I must be ready for battles in China.

What are you looking forward to most at the competition?

At Master Worlds besides the gold for me I want see my students doing well. Last year I had one guy compete and he got gold. I’m bringing around ten this time so it would be awesome if all of them were to get medals. Plus to see all my old friends from Nova Uniao and another schools would be great as well. As you see, it’s hard to say one thing that I’m looking forward to most (laughs).

Remember, register today and compete on the same mats as Bruno Bastos by visiting:

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