Fernando Terere’s guard pass game

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Flattening the hips with movement and not force is the key to agility based passing. Is it Greek for you, my dear Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner? Even if it’s not, you should watch this video.

The mysterious “BJJ Scout” guy goes over Fernando Terere’s old footage and scrutinizes how he easily made aces like Roger Gracie and Marcelo Garcia look like they don’t have a guard at all.

Pay attention on how Fernando Tererê never had a path through a guard, but always around it. Terere also had a clear strategy: to create a scramble, then take the back.

But, more important, the breakdown shows that shrimping’s power comes from being able to plant the top foot on the mat, and how the Cantagalo’s BJJ phenom always looked to catch the guarder with his foot unplanted, so he would be able to flatten his hips motion.

Well, just watch the video and learn. Then watch again.

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