Fernando Tererê on what a black-belt’s mindset should be

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Fernando Tererê.

BJJ star Fernando Tererê has been through many trials in his life. But, to build a victorious career on the mats and overcome the traumas from his personal life, the world champion representative of Alliance needed, first and foremost, to steel his mind. In this video he says, next to his young fan Isaque Bahiense, what a BJJ black-belt’s mindset should be like.

I believe we black-belts have to be always learning from our wins and defeats, not just in the ring, but also in our personal life, because it happens in your personal life too. In a family relationship or emotional stress. A black-belt must always be centered, with a samurai’s mind to deal with the situations in life. Always humble, seeking evolution, because evolution does not stop — even if you are a black-belt winning a tournament or another, evolution never stops. Evolution is forever, I think, and it’s constant reaction — not just in the gym training BJJ, but outside the gym too. And may they continue on this path, seeking to always bring pride to their team, their teachers and their family.

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