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Howard Steele

Ronnie Wuest with Royce Gracie

Address: 1950 S DuPont Hwy, Smyrna, DE 19977

Phone: 302 531 6174




We at Delaware Combat Sports teach and practice ideals taught by legendary Gracie Black Belt, Royce Gracie.

Our goal in this program is to create positive, long lasting changes in our students. These changes and improvements will be accomplished through physical and mental conditioning.

Benefits such as: flexibility, strength, endurance, coordination and agility will be achieved through physical training. While Karate is very much physical, students will also greatly benefit from mental conditioning. Adults, teens and children will find themselves with increased self-confidence, esteem, discipline, awareness, ethical behavior, social competency and respect.

Along with these physical and mental improvements, students will learn a valuable means of self-defense. Using the dynamic techniques of Isshinryu Karate-do, instructors will verse students in concepts and movements that will be effective in almost any thinkable situation.

Students will learn how to set and achieve goals. Parents will notice improvements in their children’s schoolwork as well as socially. Over time students will begin to build a strong belief in success that will be easily translated to everyday life.

While teaching, nurturing and believing in our students we hope to instill a great concept of

Here at Delaware Combat Sports we strive to create Mixed Martial Athletes. Whether your goals include fitness or competition on the amateur or professional level our staff can definitely accommodate.



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