Bruno Fernandes earns gold: ‘a win for me means a lot more than just a medal’

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Bruno Fernandes of GB Montreal shows off his gold medal at the 2013 Australian Nationals. Photo: Personal Archive

Our GMA member and friend Bruno Fernandes runs Gracie Barra Montreal and has accomplished such achievements on and off the mat that makes his resume hard to top.

With a Ph.D. and residency training in Opthalmology, he left his position of Assistant Professor at McGill University to teach Jiu-Jitsu full-time. Among his Jiu-Jitsu results, he is a four-time world champion.

This weekend he took to the competition mats once again at the 2013 Australian Nationals in the black belt adult middleweight division and took home gold. But it wasn’t the medal that makes it a success in his eyes:

“When I was young, I’d fight to win. When I became an accomplished competitor, I’d fight to keep me motivated. Now that I am past my prime and my team is a priority, I fight because I have a lot of fun when I do it.

There is nothing better than the support of people that seem to appreciate my Jiu-Jitsu. I’d like to thank my students and everyone that knows that a win for me means a lot more than just a medal.

Good old gold. I missed you, too.”

More information about Bruno Fernandes and his GB Montreal academy can be found at:

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