Brasil Fight MMA 2 picture gallery and results

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Brasil Fight MMA held its second installment and brought an action-packed night of fights to Chevrolet Hall in the Brazilian city of Belo Horizonte last Saturday. In the Minas vs Rio interstate dispute, the home team came out on top in the overall result with wins from Cesar Gordim, Thiago Michel, Joaquim Mamute and Erik Wanderley. The team from Rio responded with Rodrigo Ratinho, Igor Chatubinha and Bruno Carioca all victorious. There was also an international bout featuring hard-nosed Spaniard Miguel Duran against local Gustavo “Coelho”, an army of ring girls and the upcoming Miss Minas Gerais pageant contestants introduced in the ring.

Check out the gallery of photos by Victor Gruzman and Eduardo, and the breakdown of the fights below:

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Miguel tries a kimura. Photo: Carlos Ozório

Burly Spaniard

The international fight was an evenly matched affair. While black belt Gustavo Coelho tried to make use of his Jiu-Jitsu, Miguel pressed him against the fencing and attacked with knees to his opponent’s legs. Coelho managed to get the takedown, but Miguel defended well and sunk a kimura that looked like it could snap Coelho’s arm. In the end the panel of judges handed the Spaniard the split decision win.

Hometown party

Ratinho and Facção had one of the best fights of the night. Photo: Carlos Ozório

At the first installment of Brasil Fight the visitors won by 4 to 1. Again the hometown fighters in Minas didn’t have it easy, but they came out on top. In the first bout of the international dispute, Cesar Gordim (MG) had the better time in the standup department against Fabiano “Bob Sponja” (RJ). Bob managed to get the takedown, but when trying for a footlock, he ended up letting his opponent get on top, from where Gordim launched a salvo of strikes to win by technical knockout. Eduardo Ratinho (RJ) faced off with Maurício Facção (MG), after a good deal of provocation exchanged between them in the build-up to the show. Ratinho went all out in his attacks and scored a knockdown right off the bat. The 18-year-old also did a good job on the ground and led on the scorecards in the first two rounds. In the final round Facção reacted, but it wasn’t enough, as Ratinho evened the score 1 to 1 with a unanimous decision win.

The third bout pitted two of Brazilian MMA’s top strikers, kickboxing champion Thiago Michel (MG) and Luiz Alves student Felipe Olivieiri (RJ). Michel got the better of the standup exchanges, connecting with solid kicks. Visibly tired in the third round, Felipe took further kicks before a cut on his mouth obliged the referee to end the bout.

“Now I’m going to eat pizza, açaí and cookies!” said Michel in celebration.

In further extending the home team’s lead, Joaquim Mamute nearly let his fight with Marcelo Oliveira (RJ) slip through his fingers. He tried an armbar and ended up on bottom, where he nearly was finished by a painful looking kimura. But in the seconds round the black belt’s Jiu-Jitsu prevailed. He secured the takedown, passed guard and got the tapout with a north-south choke. “I tried for the armbar, but he’s 20 kg heavier than me, a tough guy. You have to stick to chokes against big guys,” he professes.

Erik Wanderlei attacks from the mount. Photo: Carlos Ozório

Next up was another Jiu-Jitsu stylist extending Minas Gerais’ lead, with Erik Wanderlei taking on striker Eduardo Camaleão (RJ). Wanderlei did well in defending against the strikes and managed the takedown. Once on the ground he passed guard, put his knee on his opponent’s belly and mounted, from where he rained down strikes till the ref stepped in. Igor Chatubinha (RJ) reduced the home team’s lead with his trademark arm-triangle choke over Marcelo Uirapuru (MG) early in the first round. That was enough for his teacher Relma to promote him to brown belt while still in the ring.

Chatuba's arm-triangle. Photo: Carlos Ozório

One of the most heavily anticipated bouts had Bruno Carioca (RJ) in a showdown with Cristiano Titi. It was an even affair, but two knockdowns earned Carioca the unanimous decision after three rounds. But Bruno’s win wasn’t enough, and Minas Gerais took the interstate dispute 4 to 3.

Bruno Carioca against Titi. Photo: Carlos Ozório

Check out the complete results:

August 14, 2010
Chevrolet Hall, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Minas Gerais vs Rio de Janeiro interstate tourney

Cesar Gordim (Gordim Team) defeated Fabiano Bob Sponja (TFT) via TKO at 3:06 min of R2

Rodrigo Ratinho  (TFT) defeated Mauricio Facção (Gracie Fusion BH) via unanimous decision

Thiago Michel (Gracie Fusion BH/ Ely kickboxing) defeated Felipe Olivieri (Nova União/Boxe Thai) via TKO at 2:23 min of R3

Joaquim Mamute (Gracie Fusion BH) defeated Marcelão de Oliveira (BPT) via north-south choke at 1:58 min of R2

Erik Wanderley (Gracie Fusion BH) defeated Eduardo Camaleão (BTT) via TKO at 4:02s of R1

Igor Chatubinha (Relman/ Minotauro Team) defeated Marcelo Uirapuru (Gracie Fusion BH) via arm-and neck choke at 1:36 min of R1

Bruno Carioca (Zé Mario Team) defeated Cristiano Titi (Gracie Fusion BH) via split decision

Brazil vs Spain

Miguel Duran (Nova União) defeated Gustavo Coelho França via split decision

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