“Bad Boy” targets unprecedented third roosterweight title

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Malfacine passes Felipe Costa's guard at the Brazilian Nationals. Photo: Carlos Ozorio

Photo: Carlos Ozorio

After securing gold at the European, Pan and Brazilian Nationals, Bruno Malfacine is heading full blast into the Worlds, which goes down this June 3 to 6, in California.

“I’m training to win and I’m going there to get this title too. Training at the academy is going off. Cobrinha and Lucas Lepri are here and we’re all helping each other. The team is really tightly knit and the one thing that has changed a lot is the physical conditioning work we’ve been doing. I’m working with Edson Ramalho and I’ve never felt better,” says the beast from Alliance, who could become the very first three-time roosterweight champion of the world.

“I can do it, but the result would come out of our work. I’m not thinking about it. I want to be champion and a third title would come with that. I’m training several times a day to break new grounds and this landmark should come naturally. It will be very gratifying and I want it a lot.

In the same division as the “Bad Boy”, as he is known, there are some athletes from Japan who tend to be hard to handle. The fighter is prepared for these surprises and for his usual adversaries.

“There are always tough guys from Japan, but I’m ready for anyone. Regardless of whether they’re from Japan, America, Brazil or anywhere else, I’m ready, he says.

“Felipe Costa should also be there, and there’s something I want to clear up. I saw on an interview on GRACIEMAG.com that Rodrigo Comprido said Felipe and I were 2 and 2. I want to correct him by saying it’s 6 to 2 in my favor. I don’t know what Comprido saw, but that’s the score,” he says in finishing.

And the Worlds keeps picking up momentum! To sign up for the main event of the year, click here.

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