Apply more pressure when passing, Roger Gracie style

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One of the greatest attributes of champions like Roger Gracie and Rodolfo Vieira, in becoming the current best, is to put on the pressure the whole time, in all positions, to keep your opponent in constant discomfort. In the video below, the detail of shoulder and arm positioning, picked up on by Roger Gracie fans, makes a big difference in how much discomfort you case your opponent when passing from half-guard to side-control. Watch, and comment below!

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  1. Jon at 3:37 pm

    One key that your missing is the baiting process used in order to stick with Pass Number 1… these are favorite passes I use. If you threaten your oppenent with your arm pushing the leg down he will typically reach for your arm, which in turn provides the head duck under pass, thereby allowing you to stick with Pass Number 1…

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