Anderson Silva believes he would lose superfight to Jon Jones

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Anderson Silva (right) said he sees himself losing against Jon Jones (left). Photo credit: ESPN

UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva has fought and beaten some the best the UFC has to offer, including opponents that fight a weight class above him. The unprecedented streak of 16 consecutive wins in the Octagon would leave one to assume that the 185-pound champ is confident he can beat anyone.

That all changed on Monday

While doing a press tour in Southern California, Silva told reporters that he feels he would lose a superfight against light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

“If I fight Jon Jones, I don’t think I’m going to win,” Silva said during a media luncheon.

A match-up between Silva and Jones has been thrown around as a possibility for several months, and UFC President Dana White has leaned towards making the match happen if Silva tops Chris Weidman this Saturday at UFC 162.

With a 33-4 record, Silva has all the experience over Jones (18-1), but the middleweight champ said that’s the only thing he has on the 25-year-old fighter.

“In my opinion, Spider has more experience than Jon Jones,” he said, “but that’s the only advantage.”

Silva added that he sees a lot of himself in the young light heavyweight, commenting that Jones is different and smart when he fights. Jones is the type of fighter that Silva was “a long time ago,” he said.

What do say, GRACIEMAG readers? Does Jones beat Silva in a superfight or is this all just a ploy from the Spider? Let us know in the comment section.


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  1. Carlos Carbajal Elizondo at 3:35 pm

    Silva is just protecting himself if a loose happens, if he wins he will just prove the point and if he loses he will back up himself with this declarations. Silva is trying to be humble because he knows Jones is a great fighter although Silva WILL win if there's a superfight between Jones and him.

    • Ali Kassas at 12:36 pm

      Francis Ward Looks like you only watch the violent part instead of knowing all about it… Silva beat sonnen twice, and when it took him 5 rounds to do it, that was just because he wanted to keep his promise to the nougeira brothers and honor them with a submission victory (he said that 1 month before the fight). The next match was finished in round 2! so get your facts right. Silva is an outstanding warrior, and even Jones said it "Silva is the best P4P fighter in the world! This super fight should happen so everyone could see what they have been missing all along. Silva was being humble declaring what he said, but that is just like the times he enters fights and kills after showing lots of doubts and unanswered questions before the fight. It is his style not to show off and to respect fellow fighters and keep low expectations from people, even though his fans know what he can do..

    • Pedro Henrique at 12:46 pm

      You're completely wrong my friend. In the first fight between Silva and Sonnen, Silva complained about a fracture on the ribs. He dominated the second fight, and the only one beaten like a child was Chael Sonnen.

  2. Blake Collum at 4:07 pm

    Anderson will get destroyed, Jones walks around at over 200 pounds and is an animal, while Anderson is a 185er and beginning to be an antique, he will be lucky to get past Weigman.

    • Piero Leonardo Rodrigues at 4:50 pm

      yeah yeah, people have been saying shit about him , that he s old, bla bla , still to see someone to beat him 🙂

    • Tomas Morgas at 5:11 pm

      Yes spider fights at 185. But he also cuts down to 185. If he was to fight at his actual weight. He would be pushing around 205 – 220. So you might want to get the right info be for you start talking trash dumb ass.

    • Joel Forsyth at 5:37 pm

      It's hard to say that Anderson will ever get "destroyed" while he is still fighting. I think Jon Jones could wrestle him down and finish with elbows, but Anderson could very well win that fight too.

      Btw, Jones walks around at about 230 and Silva around 205.

    • Ali Kassas at 12:47 pm

      Destroyed?! HAHAHAHAHA you guys are funny! If anyone could do it, it would have happened already! 16 win streak doesn't come by chance kiddo.. Jones confessed that Silva is the best P4P fighter in the world… comment about that! Its called respecting talent when you see it. Anderson would soooo win, but it wouldn't be a walk in the park sure..

    • Johnny Demise at 5:20 pm

      you obviously know little about fighting. theres many fights of really small dudes just destroying huge guys. kimbo slices first fight against the small dude he got wrecked. you know everyone has something to say about the ufc, yet ive only met like 3 people that know what the fuck there talking about and actually watch it

  3. Pádraig Martin at 4:51 pm

    If he could be champ of any division he wants why wouldn't he fight for the heavyweight belt? There's been talk of him moving to 205 for the past 5 or 6 years, if he really could be champ of any division he wants don't you think he'd have fought for the lhw belt before now instead of going up and fighting Griffin, Bonnar and Irvine?

    • Ali Kassas at 12:44 pm

      If you read more, you'd know. Or learn about MMA… Silva is most comfortable in the 205 division, but he cuts down to 185 for his fights and doesn't stay at 205 to avoid competing with his best friend (Machida). Going up to 235 would be a dumb move from him! His body won't adjust to it fast enough and to create the same muscle tone and flexibility at a high weight like that, he will need to take a long break from UFC to do it.. Why does any fighter stay at his division? for that reason! Silva did compete at the 205, but only to prove to people like you that it won't be hard for him! it is the weight he is most comfortable with… Stop watching the fights! Start educating your comments before you write them down!

  4. David Moore at 5:07 pm

    anderson is awesome but getting on now jones is the new breed and genetically gifted it would be a graet fight but for me jones is too big and strong for anderson now although anderson has remakable striking so could ko anyone.

  5. Kennard L. Johnson at 5:30 pm

    Beat Weidman, possibly give 2 more guys title shots (IMO I want to see another Vitor matchup and Souza) and retire on top simple as that, while everyone wants this superfight….. why doesn't jones move up to HW (just for a couple of fights non title of course) The Spider has nothing more to prove the guy is almost 40 yrs old!

  6. Danny Mulvihill at 5:31 pm

    Art of war. Where you are strong appear weak, where weak appear strong. This would be an amazing fight though.

  7. Cheo Cordero at 9:00 pm

    If you can't see what's happening here then you are blind. Anderson has one fight left on his contract after CW. Supposedly he resigned with the UFC for this 10 fight deal Dana has been claiming he signed. Silva said he wanted far less fights. Jon Jones is next, despite the opposing to this fight. One last fight, old school vs' new school. The only man on the planet that has a chance of beating him (Nike will pay his debt with Dana in a minute). The ultimate exit strategy. If Anderson 'The Spider' Silva beats Jon Jones. Imagine the enrollement for the schools of the living new Brazilian Bruce Lee , imagine the amount of sales for that brand identity. The baddest man on the planet w/ schools and retail products. It is everything Bruce couldn't do, because of his untimely death Simply brilliant…. Read The 48 Laws of Power. Genius strategy.

    – We Are Kings.

  8. Cláudio Batista at 9:48 pm

    It all depends on the catchweight. If Jones has to loose several pounds (which will certainly include muscles, since he is a true Heavyweight), Silva can deliver a higher impact, considering that he will be stronger, like in Bonnar fight. This is the only way to go for Silva.

  9. Kypros Zenonos at 10:27 pm

    Jones is taller and stronger. He's also smart when he fights, like Silva. He's also as humble as Silva and respects his opponents. I believe he's the only man capable of winning Silva.

    • Jopet Medel at 1:08 pm

      probably you are right, and The Spider is not getting any younger, Jones will be his toughest opponent if this super fight happens, but still win or lose silva is the best!

  10. Mike Pen at 10:52 pm

    Atleast Silva doesn't trash talk that he would win or anything like other fighters and then when the fighter loose he/she becomes humble all of the sudden. He is anticipating "What IF he would loose" He knows when to acknowledge a great fighter just like him. If you think about it Jones is very similar to Silva, outside the ring he is humble and quiet but when it comes inside the Octagon they fight like Hell.

  11. Jorge Wuarleson DA Silva Moura Dodge at 2:32 am

    Acredito na experiência de Anderson Silva, Jones tem sua vantagens de peso, mas Anderson tem socos preciso a hora que ele que acabar uma luta ele acaba! O depoimento de Anderson Silva que diz que ele perderia essa superluta é pura modéstia, sabemos que ele é o melhor.

  12. Ali Kassas at 12:49 pm

    Silva is the BEST P4P fighter in the world! I personally think that Dana will make this fight be Silva's retirement match.. Spoilers alert! Silva wins by TKO in the 4th round.. But until he does, both men will put on quite a show!

  13. Matt Wood at 2:03 am

    I think anderson is a slightly better fighter but the fact that he is alot older and smaller and weaker than jones will do him in I don't think he should take the fight as it will prob end his carear.

  14. Pádraig Martin at 9:51 am

    I don't want him to nor do I believe that he should move up to heavyweight. I was responding to a stupid comment from someone who said Anderson could be the Champion of any division he wants. Your point about heavyweight not being the right weight class for him just proves the point I was trying to make.

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